Self-Governance as a Design Goal

  • It is free from undue influence of its founders — once Metronome is launched, it is solely in the hands of its contracts and its community, it will work without the intervention of founders, and the community members will be able to choose which — if any — updated contracts or new blockchains on which to record their MTN
  • No group — including authors — can force changes upon the contracts or community, instead community members are empowered to choose
  • Its issuance model is constant, predictable, and not subject to the fluctuations of mining or staking power on the network
  • Its token generation event and daily infusions of currency utilize a descending price auction to encourage rapid market price discovery, and to discourage whales from soaking up supply (as is typical with many new cryptocurrencies that offer discounts, bonuses, and pre-sales), and thus having a disproportionate level of control
  • Metronome authors do not take any proceeds from any auctions. Rather, these proceeds stay in the Metronome ecosystem to provide long term support for the community, reducing any possible influence that the Metronome founding team might otherwise have. Further, Metronome authors’ one-time retention is in MTN and is subject to a lock up period of over three years, denying authors undue influence or control
  • The ability to export MTN from the initial ‘genesis’ chain launched by its authors, and import that MTN to follow-on upgrades released — by its authors or other parties — based on the voluntary consensus of the MTN holder community provides an opportunity for both immutable contracts, and a fair distributed mechanism to upgrade those contracts as the market matures
  • Anyone in the Metronome community can begin developing new contracts for Metronome should they wish to, there is no deference to a foundation or group of developers
  • Users will never be forced to upgrade to a new contract or migrate their holdings to a new chain — it is up to each user to decide which chains and which contracts they wish to secure their MTN on
  • The Metronome Team




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Metronome Token

Metronome Token

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