Metronome Update — March 2020

The Metronome team hopes that everyone reading this is staying safe and healthy. Here’s a wrap-up of the previous month.

Community Management

As previously discussed in our official Telegram channel, we will be moving that channel into notify-only starting this week beginning April 13.

This was a difficult decision, and it was one that the Metronome team did not make lightly. With the departure of our most recent community manager, it wasn’t fair to have an official telegram channel that was unmoderated.

That said, we’ve noticed other communities have popped up over time, most notably the Metronome Lounge on Telegram, where you may find Metronome team members checking in from time-to-time. This Medium and the Telegram will continue to be the source for official updates from the Metronome team.

Edge Wallet

The Metronome team expanded the available wallet options for holding MET this past month by announcing the integration of MET token with Edge, a leading multi-asset non-custodial wallet. The recent MET integration enables users to hold MET in their Edge wallet, as well as trade MET for other crypto-assets using its in-app exchange functionality. Edge is available on Android and iOS.

Converter Upgrade

Since the launch of the new website last September, MET users have had access to the Autonomous Converter Contract (ACC) to convert their ETH to MET. As of March 17, they can now do the converse — convert their MET to ETH — just like they can in the Metronome Wallet. Note that this requires users to connect Metamask. This latest upgrade improves the usability of the MET token and increases user experience of using the buying app on the website.

Focus in 2020

In the first quarter of 2020, Metronome showed considerable momentum in business and ecosystem development, particularly with Bancor, Kyber, and others. Obviously, the current global pandemic took some wind out of these sails, but the team nevertheless remains focused and committed to this ecosystem-building effort. What has become obvious during this time is that the Metronome multi-contract monetary system appears to be, nearly two years after launch, what most excites the people we talk to. More updates and content to come regarding that topic.

More to come,

The Metronome Team

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