Metronome Announcements at Coindesk: Invest

  1. We have developed the world’s first ERC20 mining service, to be deployed to the community first with the MTN Metronome token. This enhances the value proposition for Metronome, and makes available a very new and unique method of acquiring MTN.
  2. We are launching a new ERC20 token pegged to Bitcoin, which enables Bitcoin (BTC) participation in Metronome auctions and holds BTC in Metronome’s Proceeds contract.
  3. We have updated the development and launch schedule. To incorporate the BTC feature into Metronome, as well as incorporating community feedback and holiday considerations, a target launch of February 5th, 2018 makes the most sense.

Metronome Mining Service

Bitcoin support in Metronome

February 5th, 2018 Target Launch


  • The Metronome Team




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Metronome Token

Metronome Token

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