MET integrated with Edge Wallet

Today we are proud to announce that Edge wallet now supports Metronome (MET).

Edge has been an industry leader since the launch of its non-custodial Bitcoin wallet in 2014. Edge now supports more than 30 crypto-assets and delivers a seamless experience for managing one’s crypto portfolio. Edge is available for Android and iOS.

Security of users’ MET is a priority for the Metronome team and Edge wallet’s extensive key-management features gives us confidence to include Edge wallet in our list of suggested mobile wallet providers.

This integration with Edge wallet gives thousands of new users access to the world’s first autonomous cryptocurrency. This is one of many steps the Metronome team has taken to improve the accessibility and usability for Metronome users.

Go ahead, try it out, and experience Metronome in the context of a larger token portfolio. Of course, for the full Metronome experience (including auction participation and Converter access), download the Metronome wallet if you haven’t already.

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